As I talked earlier about importance of Antivirus here you can get to know what exactly Antivirus is and with the help of TechSmith platforms I learnt a lot about antivirus, its importance and benefits it offers. As per my understanding antivirus is a software program which is created to protect our systems, computers and even mobile phones. It saves us from malware viruses, computer worms, spyware, botnets, rootkits, keyloggers and such. Having a good Antivirus programs is such a blessing as buy scheduling an auto clearance of unwanted things it scans, detect and remove viruses from our computer timely. In starting when my system use to give notification regarding virus protection required or data not secured I used to ignore those notification but when I got to know about it through Google then I realised how important it is for every device as it is a software that helps us protect our computer against malware and cybercrimes that are going on at a very large scale on daily bases and people are losing their precious data and information. This software looks at data in our system and it travels over network to our device and searches for known threats and monitors behaviour of all programs and raise flag over suspicious behaviour of anything in the system.

Major Benefits:

With the help of Antivirus every time a virus is infected, it eventually gets fixed. But yes, every time issue is not same for instance, an occasional software bug can cause viruses and malware related problem to recur even after security patches are installed. Other time the issue is not this we might encounter some unexpected behavior while updating our Windows or Internet Explorer browser such as opening of new tabs at random intervals despite being connected to Wi-Fi throughout the session. This phenomenon could be well indicated and caught by installed antivirus easily.

So now you must have understood why antivirus software is important as just like there are antidotes and vaccines for diseases and by getting vaccinated we

feels safe as it means that disease will not be able to harm us in same way having antivirus software means that it will find and destroy viruses and other malware before they cause any harm to our system. antivirus finds the malware and other issues that could access your computer and provides you support and solutions on how you can prevent them.

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