There is large family of Antiviruses that are available in the market and help us being protected against the  virus, malware, spyware and ransomware attacks. To stay on top of your privacy and identity here are few good antiviruses suggestions which are rated globally.


MACFREE is much beyond just an Antivirus. As it has all the features which we expect from an Antivirus and some its features are even unknown to common users but those are features are keeping their system secure. It provides total protection, privacy and identity tools. Helps us defend ourselves against the latest viruses, malware issues, ransomware and spyware attacks and keeps our identity protected.

I would like to highlight its outstanding features that are comprehensive internet security,multi level privacy protection and secure wifi.


Bitdefender have millions of security software worldwide. It uses advanced Ai and other revolutionary technologies to detect and instantly block it can even catch the newest threats before they can cause you any trouble. It has been always rated among most outstanding security providing products.


No software offers us the feature that if we buy it and it will not able to remove any virus or issue from our system then they will refund our whole amount, but Norton provides this refund policy to all its subscribers. So, if you are about to buy antivirus subscription for the first time and is looking for safe option you can try Nortan.


Along with upgraded antivirus protection for all our devices Panda provides us VPN service for online privacy. It means double protection and who don’t want that! Panda has maximum virus detection rate and it means it checks system on regular bases and it provides minutely updates to us this shows the level of security it provides to us. It is clarified by the team that all their work is done on cloud and we don’t need to update it daily.


BullGuard’s recently have enhanced their capabilities across multiple layers of protection and Our unique Dynamic features continually monitors everything that happens on our device. This enables real-time detection and blocking of potentially malicious behaviour before it can do damage to us and it also even when our device is not connected to the Internet.


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