To Give attractive look to our Websites.


When I started blogging I was not aware about stores like Hostinger as I was beginner in website creation and to promote our pages well I understood that knowledge of google adwords and seo is must and after scrolling to number of platforms but when I came across Hostinger as they were having attractive annual packages with user friendly features as I started with simple blogs but then my friends suggested to create an attractive page for which she even gave the reference of platforms like Hostinger  by elaborating that how effective theme and user-friendly features it has and to make it look good as readers will also like it and for any website to attract visitors and maintain their interest attractive website is a key and this  is surely what any business wants.

Even it is a fact that  the look and style should always  be attractive and to make our website attractive we can use platform like Jimdo that have ample of sources which can give huge contribution in giving our site the look we all desire for. Even website theme plays an important role as  it  helps us  to determines its design. Typically, a website theme includes the type and size of the fonts on the webpage.

You should know that your theme decides the overall look, feel and style of your website which includes features like the colour scheme, layout and style elements. While selecting your website theme always remember that it will be a direct representation of your brand and will have direct impact on your users’ experience

Selecting a website theme can be a tough task in starting as there are thousands of free and paid  available options. Mostly every time we customize the look of theme to match our brand and content and to add new features to give your user an overwhelming experience and turn out more traffic So trying to make your task easy Here are few things which I always keep in mind while choosing theme for my websites.

  • I Do make list of the features I may want ahead in my website try to not choosebloated theme and opts for responsive theme.
  • This is major, I always keep colour in mind as it plays essential role in website
  • I don’t know the reason, but I always considers buying a premium theme.
  • Don’t choosea theme with a font that’s hard to read as it can be an issue with users which will majorly effect website traffic.
  • Last but not the least always test the theme

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